Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Allan Dumbong
I am pleased to extend the information I obtained from the Organizing Chairman of the State-Level Kaamatan Festival 2006, Hon. Huguan Siou Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan, Deputy Chief Minister cum Minister of Rural Development, who is also the President of the Kadazandusun Cultural Association (KDCA) the Kaataman Events throughout Sabah this year.
As an activist of KDCA, I wish to encourage all of you Kadazandusuns, and particularly the youths to get involved in this celebration. There are explicit and implicit messages that are being conveyed during the Kaamatan. It's kind of retrieving the past, bringing them back and trasnform them into the modern era's environment. It's a symbol of the Sabahans' richness in cultures, and evidenced that the Kadazandusuns have a lot to offer to the world community.

I'll write more, but suffice today to just outline the Kaamatan itineary, as follows;

Kaamatan Events 2006 :

1 Mei – launching of State-Level Kaamatan Peringkat Negeri in Kota Marudu
6 Mei – Tawau, Banggi, Putatan
7 Mei – Klang Valley (Kuala Lumpur), Membakut, Menumbok
9 Mei – Kudat
11 Mei - Matunggong
12 Mei – Tongod, Paitan
13 Mei – Kinabatangan, Tuaran, Tamparuli, Kuala Penyu, Lahad Datu, Semporna, Beaufort
14 Mei – DBKK, Beluran/Telupid, Kota Belud, Pitas, Nabawan, Tenom/Kemabong, Sook
18 Mei – Sipitang
20 Mei – Tambunan, Papar, Penampang, Sandakan
21 Mei – Keningau, Ranau, Labuan
- Sugandoi Kaamatan (Talentime Contest)
- Sodop Unduk Ngadau (Kadazandusuns' version of Miss World)
30 Mei – Traditional Sports & Exhibitions
31 Mei – Closing Ceremony of Kaamatan 2006 by Sabah Governor.

Kaamatan in Tambunan Distirct

27 April – Mukim Kirokot
28 April – Mukim Toboh
30 April – Mukim Lintuhun
4 Mei – Mukim Sunsuron
10 Mei – Mukim Nambayan
11 Mei – Mukim Patau
15 Mei – Mukim Monsorulung
17 Mei – Sodop Unduk Ngadau

Last but not least, count yourself in! there are many roles which we can play during the Kaamatan. For example:
(i) If you are Cameraman, come and take your best shots!
(ii) If you are journalist, come do the coverage and tell the whole world!
(iii) If you are pretty with descent personality and love the culture, participate in the Unduk Ngadau!
(iv) If you have extra $$$, just come and offer your sponsorships, as the Organizing Committee and the KDCA are also short of funds.
(v) If you are an anthropologist, come and do research about this special event.
(vi) If you are touris guide, wow, this is the time to make thousands bucks, just bring in more foreign tourists!
(vii) If you are like me, who likes to write blogs, then feel free to blogs on Kaamatan issues!
Many more, see ya..

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