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"Mogongoi" Ritual in Traditional Dusun Tambunan Wedding

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"MOGONGOI" in Dusun language means "to officaly invite" the bride to join the groom and become his new family member. This is one of the most significant part of the Dusun community's wedding ceremony as in the early days, the mission by a group of selected poeple to invite the bride often fail to persuade the bride and would continue the attempt untill the next day.

The groom would have to look for the bride who is hidden somewhere unknown to him.  Accompanied by his family members, they will go to the bride's house. Upon arrival, he would proceed to search. However, in most cases, the groom is required to answer some questions  of  "pantun" or pay the toll charges which normally includes rare combination of coins such as 7 pieces of 1 cent coin before he is allowed to search.  Sometimes it is not an easy task however it is accepted as an ice breaking by the bride's family...normally it won't take long.  Once found the groom can then bring the bride back to his house. That would start the celebration.  Those days, the journey would take the whole day depend on the distance between the bride's and groom's house...the bride's family won't let the newly-wed couple and his family members go before they finish the food and drink (tapai) served to them.

On arrival at the groom's house,th entire group will be greeted by the young boys and ladies with tapai and food, and no one is allowed to enter before they are being served..  The bride and groom would be the last to enter.  Everyone has to comply otherwise they would not be allowed to enter the gate.

atuk koi osiok kopiyo kawin secara mai tokou tungkusai t tadat bangsa tokou supaya amu o pupus walaupn yati berada di zaman yg maju...dusun still alive!!!!

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