Thursday, May 21, 2009

Discussion on Kadazandusun Development

Alland: you can send to him aso..we need it for documentation.
Jue Jidwin: oo ok. Only problem is that, I havent receive the pictures in Jpeg format,
Jue Jidwin: i only receive the .pdf format, which quite difficult to use

Alland: regarding the photos..pls burn in CD and indicate the photogrpaher. he/she MUST sign undertaking that he /she will not claim IPR. If not, we have to aknowledge the source (courtesy of him/her)
Jue Jidwin: at the moment, the small numbers is a courtesy la.
Jue Jidwin: how much he can claim for full pictures ? may be i can help him
Alland: bcos we may want 2 use the photo for to avoid legal complication later on..
Jue Jidwin: ic.
Jue Jidwin: for the photos that i sent together with the report, its taken by committee, so shud be belong to kdcakv la kan.
Jue Jidwin: but to make it clear, i will have a conversation with Kennedy
Jue Jidwin: photos was taken by Kennedy Tham

Alland: ok, talk to him..
Alland: au ko muli kaamatan, isai mananud UN dikoyu?
Jue Jidwin: au kouli, waro seminar cum workshop ku'd 30/5.
Jue Jidwin: e Debbie kanto .. today she flew to KK
Jue Jidwin: Debbie Disimon
Alland: alaa, kuroyon podi
Alland: miampai di coleman?
Jue Jidwin: hiti po e walter nga muli doti last minit
Alland: BTW, zeno is looking into KDCA website now..can u communicate with him and upload the relevant photos for KV kaamatan?
Jue Jidwin: doi i got problem, au ku po notorima e jpegformat ..
Jue Jidwin: only the pdf copy.
Jue Jidwin: bah, ongoyon ku po onuo e CD, then only i can give the jpeg kio
Jue Jidwin: btw, regarding the research that you were talking abt early this month
Jue Jidwin: its ON kio?
Alland: ok, we're very much on pls continue compiling..preferably we have the report on "KD in Pen. Msia"..we do research bit by bit..the recent kaamatan should give us some basic info..but more research needed
Jue Jidwin: ok. i am very interested in this, i wish i can do this fulltime. pakaraja bo gia, so i do sikit2
Alland: as I have emailed u, the topic is basically "Kadazandusun Way of Life". So it's surrounding the "PESTE". Political-legal including the KD leadership, involvement in management/decision making, native customary laws, how our leaders deal with other leaders in Msia/world.
Jue Jidwin: thats very big subject
Jue Jidwin: klu dapat buat, better i do phd kan
Jue Jidwin: defintely i'm not at that level yet, but i can assist ground info / research
Alland: E-economic & business. So document all kind of biz our people are invloved in. Take photos & stories/histories
Jue Jidwin: bah.
Alland: S- socio cultural. anything from dancing, songs, music, handicrafts, mindset, education, health, etc
Jue Jidwin: ok, i take note.
Alland: technology - how our KD develop our technologies. kalu dulu2, main batu kasi pintik, we use ICT. How our people get involved in ICT.
Alland: our KD live harmoniusly with nature. interacting with environment. resouces management. etc..
Alland: so we'll compile PESTE from various districts.. Collect all the Ps and organise into one booklet. Same with the ESTE..
Jue Jidwin: say we identify the kadus people related to the subjects, do u need their biography?
Jue Jidwin: ic, i visualize it

Alland: at this moment, we just take all avilable info..biographies would be very intersting..people like Dtk RB, Keneddy, and many more..Dr Max..Stacy, Mia etc
Jue Jidwin: we hv few more business kadus here
Jue Jidwin: Jorius, Datin Vianie undikai
Jue Jidwin: datin zaleha reed (Pauline)

Alland: another 1, pls compile all the TORs of each committee in KV Kaamatan..we need to document the SOP of kaamatan too..
Jue Jidwin: Nora matuya - used to be the richest in sg buloh
Jue Jidwin: ic. ok.

Alland: this is the thing that we need to do..many successful people, but unknown to own community..undocumented..hugh task but necessary..
Jue Jidwin: yes, the subject is so many.
Jue Jidwin: probably can be listed ..

Alland: our committee continues even beyond kaamatan..I want to establish the research, documentation & communication...possibly into a KD Research Centre/ KD Academy..
Jue Jidwin: is there any way that we can get a Research Grant for this? i'm willing to do the work but need sponsors/grant la.
Alland: we're permanent members of the committee..
Jue Jidwin: may i know, who is that permenant members?
Jue Jidwin: all that you wrote in yr email ka ?

Alland: source of funds - kaamatn fund, donation, proceeds from selling books/materials/articles/ebook, research funding..
Alland: di u receive the TOR of our committee...that's basically d idea.

Jue Jidwin: yes, i rec yr email on that
Alland: this is sort of 3 year least
Alland: mcm PhD sudakan?
Jue Jidwin: if there is a way to get some grant from Heritage (Ramlah Amir is there) ... is it OK if I approach them?
Jue Jidwin: itu la sia bilang .. when you list this down, its a PHD assingment
Jue Jidwin: you are opening my eyes to get deeper tinto this subject
Jue Jidwin: i'm looking for opportunity to further study but still cannot decide what major haha
Alland: yeah, very interesting 2 talk 2 u on this..
Alland: u pick any of the PESTE, u'll get 1 topic

Jue Jidwin: hmm i think to produce a good report, i must take the communication la.
Jue Jidwin: i dont have the rite skill do that at the moment
Alland: ada bah tu..KR kan ada..
Jue Jidwin: we all do business report & politics related
Jue Jidwin: actually, memang betul, i learn a lot here
Alland: "politics of the indigenous people in Sabah"
Alland: "cultural survival of the KD community"
Alland: "KD's way of managing natural resources"
Alland: "digital divide: the KD predicament"
Alland: "KD professionals in Pen Msia"
Alland: mcm2 ada...kamu in KL sanang sikit, dekat dgn many universities
Jue Jidwin: ya, very true
Jue Jidwin: at same, i just spoke to kennedy, he give permission to use the photos & pass the ownership of the photos to kdcakv
Jue Jidwin: wah .. i must thank you for this.
Jue Jidwin: i think i know what i want to do .. i will take the science political course
Jue Jidwin: dakat banyak universiti la bikin sia susah mau pilih .. a terrible opportunity
Jue Jidwin: can you suggest, which of the list you gave, to be done first.
Alland: political science ..UKM, UM, UUM, UIA, USM should be ok.
Jue Jidwin: i may just start with what i have now, and slowly goes to the other part
Jue Jidwin: UM is the nearest to me, i was considering the political science subject
Alland: u go for it..u won't get wrong with tht discipline
Jue Jidwin: hmm thank you, i will.
Jue Jidwin: may be a meeting wud surface more ideas .. how to make money / making it / funding it at same time. at this line
Jue Jidwin: Jabatan Warisan tida budget for grant ka for this kind of research

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