Monday, May 11, 2009


Date, Venue & Time: TBA

(i)To deliberate on some of the issues that being researched by Kadazandusun scholars;
(ii)To compile the papers with a view of publishing them at a later date.
(iii)To fill up the month-long Kaamatan with a meaningful intellectual discourse.

Papers to be presented:
Tracing the Origin of the Kadazandusuns: The Needs for Archeological Studies. – Dayu Sansalu, PhD
Sampang Mangazou: The Rungus’ Patriotisme – Paul Porodong
Kadazandusuns’ traditional knowledge on climatology – Ramzah Dambul, PhD
Kadazandusuns’ traditional foods – Jurin Gunsalam, PhD
Resources Management among Kadazandusuns: The Case of Buffalo Rearing – James Alin, PhD
Kadazandusuns in Chinese Schools: Aspirations and Challenges – Christina John Luan

Organizing Chairman: Allan G Dumbong

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