Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Allan Dumbong

I pick one piece of news from New sabah Times dated 11/4/2006 on the message by YB Datuk Masidi Manjun, the Minsiter of Youth & Sports, urging Sabahan youths to participate actively in Operation Raleigh International. He said, "the involvement of youths in such programmes would help develop their physical and mental abilities as well as contribute socially in community projects." He further added that the Ministry will "sponsor them (the youths)".
This is a good news. This is indeed a very good opportunity for our sabah youths, particulalrly the Kadazandusun youths, to participate in this world-class, internationally recognized venturers. many benefits can be gained from participating in it. First, it will test your survival skills, be in the jungle, sea,river etc. Second, it will test your leadership skills. Third, it will test your endurance and physical strengths. Fourth, it will help to build your self-esteem and confidence. Fifth, it will help you to network with other international venturers.
I was an ex-Operation Raleigh Venturer. I was 25 when we participate in the 1990 Operation raleigh sabah selection. That brought us to Mandalipau jungle for jungle survival skill, Lok Kawi Army camp to test our physical strengths. Some of us went as far as sarawak jungle, and to the island to do kayaking. I was selected to represent malaysia but, alas, unable to to work commitment. I just cannot afford to be away from my job as the Regional Manager of yayasan sabah keningau for more than three (3) months. Anyway, with the brief stint, I still could not forget the sweet memories I had with the other venturers. I still remember my ex-colleagues like Colette Ingkim, Elizabeth Kinat, Patricia Mobilik, Nelson Sambiong, Suzy Labadin, Susana Stidi etc.
It is indeed my hope that many Kadazandusun youths, particulalrly those aged between 18-25 to heed the call made by our Sports Minister. Take up the challenge guys!
New Sabah Times:

More youth must join Raleigh International programmes’
By Florieta Diet
KOTA KINABALU: Minister of Youth and Sports, Datuk Masidi Manjun said he wants to see more youths participate in Raleigh International programmes being held locally and he would sponsor them.
He said the involvement of youths in such programmes would help develop their physical and mental abilities as well as contribute socially in community projects.
He said this in his speech at a dinner to mark the end of the Raleigh International 06A expedition here on Monday. The speech was read out by the ministry’s permanent secretary, Susanna Liaw.
He said the ministry would want to see more local youths participate in future expeditions and would also encourage others from Sarawak, peninsula as well as Brunei to take part.
“Asian youth participation in such expeditions is not encouraging at the moment and we must change this trend so more youths from Asian countries will be invited the next time around,” he said.
Masidi said such participation would help promote international integration.
During the 30-day expedition there were 125 volunteers who took part and only 13 were Malaysians of which five were from Sabah.

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