Sunday, January 15, 2006

The "Wutods": Delicacy of Borneo
Allan Dumbong

This is not a Fear factor. Even if it is, do not fear. This is real and among the prides of Borneo. Eating "wutod" is a thrill. It's good if not everybody eating it, so that you can have them all. He he..

The thick, fat sago grub, known by the Kadazandusun as "wutod", is a favourite delicacy here. Slightly larger than the size of a thumb. It is either eaten raw or after boiling it for about two minutes. You eat it by holding the neck (the section just after its black round head), and chewing the body off. Of course, expect a struggle when the neck is held as the body contracts and convulses. The head is then thrown away as the eater enjoys the slightly dry, meaty, sago-flavour of the grub. The wutods can be found at Tamu Donggongon every Thursday and Fridays, 30 pieces for RM5.00 (1 USD). Call me if you feel like trying it.

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