Sunday, July 19, 2009


By Allan Dumbong

How do the industrial activitities in Sabah affect the surrounding environment? There are two ways, i.e. directly and indirectly.
– Manufacturing burden
It can be through the consumption of energy and emissions to the environment.

– Concentration in the environment
Most materials will eventually end up in landfills
How about the toxicity for some materials

– Pertinent to ask whether the performance of the finished products into which they are transformed. Are the products energy efficient and recyclability?

How can we help in mitigating the environmental impacts caused by industrialization?
•Human Behavior

We need to change our patterns of consuming goods.
•We need to be aware of the importance of wasting less goods in our daily activities.
•We need to change the society's rules in dealing with products and goods.
Perhaps we need to do dematerialization, reduce consumption.
• Get the same function from less material
– Materials substitution
• Apply less harmful materials
– Waste Mining – Reuse, Recycle
• Find ways to make use of streams currently wasted

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