Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dancing SUMAZAU to The World

Dancing SUMAZAU For The World

Good day brothers!!
We are your brothers, come all the way from Borneo!
Do you know where Borneo is?
Yea..We are newborns from Borneo.

Good to see you brothers!!
We are here to friend you, newborn generations!
We are an indigenous tribe
Dancing “Sumazau” for the world!


S.U.M.A.Z.A.U is the dance!
Inherited from our forefathers, for the world!
We sing and dance Sumazau
Take the floor, join the dance!

In Borneo, Sumazau is the dance
In thanksgiving and merrymaking
Danced by the community
For the people and for the world!

Hello brothers, Hello girls!!
We are brothers, we are sisters in the modern world!
Fostering love in borderless world
Come let join us in Sumazau!

Easy..Easy.. come to Borneo
We’ll take you to countrysides, to kampungs!
No dollar, No euro, No Yen..
You’ll never get starved with Borneoans

Lyrics Written By
Allan G Dumbong
Sabah, Malaysia
14 June 2006

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