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Allan Dumbong
Yang Amat Berhormat Datuk Seri Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi, Prime Minister of Malaysia has recently unveiled the 9th Malaysia Plan that charts out the development plan for Malaysia in the next five years. To me, it is very comprehensive and should be understood, internalised and implemented by all Malaysians in their respective capacities. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage my fellow Kadazandusuns to go through the 9th Malaysia Plan Document and see for themselves the available opportunities to tap on. We have to do it as we are socio-economically still lagging behind, and indeed we are looking for some sort of "quantum leap" to progress.
Below is my personal comment posted on Bernama website regarding the Plan.
BERNAMA ( 2/4/2006
Name:Allan Dumbong
Hometown:Keningau, Sabah
Your Say:
Looking at the 5 thrusts of the 9MP,we would see that all of us Malaysian citizens, regardless of creed, ethnicity and region, have been given a road map to progress and improve our socio-economic standing in due course. Of course, the idea can be good but the real challenge is how can we implement the plan successfully. We must improve the delivery system. It would be good if we could cut on the red tapes, ensure no discrimination in the selection of target beneficiaries, and each one of us are being counted/given the roles in the implemention mechanism. If we are united, we'll surely accomplish the mission. Wish Malaysians all the best!

Thrust 1: Moving the Economic Up the Value Chain
Main focus:
1.Increasing productivity, competitiveness & value-add in agriculture, manufacturing and services sectors
2.Generating new sources of wealth in technology & intensive sectors ~ ICT, biotechnology & skills-based services
3.Expanding the market for Malaysian products & services

Thrust 2: Raising the country’s capacity for knowledge and innovation, and nurturing ‘first-class mentality’
Main focus:
1.Holistic human capital development encompassing knowledge, skills, progressive attitudes & thinking, strong moral & ethical values
2.Nurturing top-quality R&D, science and innovation
3.Fostering a society with strong values
4.Advancing women in development
5.Empowering youth for the future

Thrust 3: Addressing persistent socio-economic inequalities constructively & productively
Main focus:
1.Eradicating hardcore poverty and halving overall poverty
2.Reducing disparities in income employment and wealth ownership
3.Developing competitive Bumiputera entrepreneurs
4.Reducing disparities in development between states, region as well as between rural & urban areas

Thrust 4: Improving the standard & sustainability of quality of life
Main focus:
1.Improving infrastructure & urban transportation system
2.Enhancing the water delivery system
3.Improving adequacy & sustainability of energy supply
4.Improving healthcare services
5.Meeting housing needs & improving urban services
6.Ensuring environmental conservation & sustainable resource management
7.Development sports for sporting excellence & a healthy lifestyle

Thrust 5: Strengthening institutional & implementation capacity
Main focus:
1.Promoting good governance
2.Enhancing the public service delivery system
3.Development through international cooperation

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