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Allan Dumbong


From the family of Andiau and Andiai, born:
Kewiyik (C)
Dukal (A)
Giwik (B)
Guntangah (D)
Kindayon (H)
Kindopog (F)

A. Dinggat married to Indo’
Two (2) Children:
A.1 Sombihil Dinggat
A.2 Konuyik Dinggat

A.1 Sombihil Dinggat had two wives, i.e Giwik and Kembiyik. With Giwik, He had five (5) children, namely;
A.1.1 Lekitei Sombihil
A.1.2 Kempiri Sombihil
A.1.3 Lungkiying Sombihil
A.1.4 Linog Sombihil
A.1.5 Kentuwoh Sombihil

With Kembiyik, he had two (2) children, namely;
A.1.6 Tunjam Sombihil
A.1.7 Borok Sombihil

A.2 Konuyik Dinggat married to (unknown). They have four (4) children, namely;
A.2.1 Gisis
A.2.2 Kuhong
A.2.3 Kompiding
A.2.4 Kuntamoi

A.2.1 Gisis married to (unknown). They have four (4) children, namely;
A.2.1.1 Podook (living in Kirokot)
A.2.1.2 Awis (living in Kg. Nuntunan, Apin-Apin)
A.2.1.3 Lotuhiy (living in Kg Bayangan, Keningau)
A.2.1.4 Kosima (Living in Kg Nuntunan, Apin-Apin,

A.2.2 Kuhong (Living in Kg Bayangan, Keningau)

A.2.3 Kompiding (Believed to be living in Kinarut)

A.2.4 Kuntamoi . She is believed to be living in Kg Bayangan, Keningau. She has two (2) children, namely;
A.2.4.1 Barut (believed to be living in Kg Luanti Baru)
A.2.4.2 Balin.

Dukal married to Kuntadong. They have three (3) children, namely;
A.1 Kempiri Dukal

A.2 Bangkahil Dukal (believed to be living in Kg. Bonod, Sook)

A.3 Kindomot Dukal
Kindomot married to Gudin. Believed to be living in Kg Tanah Merah,Keningau. They have one (1) childen, namely;
A.3.1 Maisah Gudin.
Maisah married to Kimin. They have seven (7) children, namely;
A.3.1.1 Jaikob Kimin
A.3.1.2 Zaiton Kimin
A.3.1.3 Juminah Kimin
A.3.1.4 Raimin Kimin
A.3.1.5 Serimah Kimin
A.3.1.6 Arnin Kimin
A.3.1.7 Rusdi Kimin

A.4 Ontirik Dukal (believed to be living in Kg. Bonod, Sook)

Giwik married to Sombihil Dinggat. They have five (5) children, namely;
B.1 Lekitei Sombihil
B.2 Kempiri Sombihil
B.3 Lungkiying Sombihil
Lungkiying Sombihil married to Dumbong Dimbak (D). They migrated from Tambunan to Telipok, Kg Langkawit, Kg Keliangau but settled down in Kg Nuntunan Apin-Apin in the late 1950s. They have seven(7) children, namely;
B.3.1 Victor Ongul Dumbong
Victor Ongul Dumbong married to Lydia Diji. They have five (5) children, namely;
B.3.1.1 Jinuin Victor
Jinuin Victor is married to Cecelia Vitus Jual from Kg Kayul/Menunggang, Kuala Penyu. They have four (4) children, namely;
B. Humphrey Jinuin Victor
B. Geoffrey Jinuin Victor
B. Bexley Jinuin Victor
B. Audrey Jinuin Victor

B.3.1.2 WalterVictor
Walter Victor is married to Lynn ak Tipek, a Bidayuh from Kuching, Sarawak. They have two (2) children, namely;
B. Joshua Walter Victor
B. Joanne Walter Victor

B.3.1.3 Francis Victor
Francis Victor is married to Angie of Kimanis, Papar. Presently, they have one (1) daughter, namely;
B. Gabriella Francis Victor

B.3.1.4 Viany Victor
Viany Victor is married to Yusak Musa, a Lundayeh from Kg Baru Jumpa, Kemabong. Presently, they have two (2) daughters, namely;
B. Amanda Yusak Musa
B. Brenda Yusak Musa

B.3.1.5 Viana Victor
(still single)

B.3.2 Maina Gorodot Dumbong
Mainah Gorodot Dumbong was first married to Stephen Angkison. They have two (2) daughters, namely;
B.3.2.1 Bibiana Stephen
Bibiana Stephen is married to Antonius Igau from Kg Kapayan Baru, Keningau. They have five (5) children, namely;
B. Anne Antonius
B. Diana Antonius
B. Joyce Antonius
B. Samson Antonius
B. Mozes Antonius

B.3.2.2 Florence Stephen
Florence Stephen is married to Victus Aloysius Lajin from Kg Sumbiling, Bongawan. They have one (1) child, namely;
B. Joeseph Victus

When Stephen Ongkison died in......., Maina Gorodot remarried to Philip Anggun, and blessed with nine (9)) children, namely;
B.3.2.3 Paulina Philip
Paulina Philip is married to Peter Souman from Kg Tempasuk, Kota Belud. They have two (2) children, namely;
B. Peachle Chali Peter
B. Aplicer Peter

B.3.2.4 Floris Philip
Floris Philip is married to Janil Gisil from Kg Tontolob Liwan, Tambunan. They have three (3) children, namely;
B. O’nell Abraham Janil
B. O’dell Obren Janil
B. O’bell Mickully Janil

B.3.2.5 Petronella Philip
Petronella Philip is married to Agustine Joseph from Sook, Keningau. They have three (3) children, namely;
B. Sewal Oswol Agustine
B. Silver Boni Agustine
B. Ryan John Agustine

B.3.2.6 Patrin Philip
B.3.2.7 Julikah Philip
B.3.2.8 Roslindah Philip
B.3.2.9 Prislia Philip
B.3.2.10 Quwelldie Philip
B.3.2.11 Willdia Philip

B.3.3 Flavia Gurisah Dumbong
Flavia Gurisah Dumbong married to Kolong Apanggal (D). They have seven (7) children, namely;
B.3.3.1 Victorianus Kolong (D)
Victorianus Kolong passed away at the very young age in 1976.

B.3.3.2 Hillary Kolong
Hillary Kolong, who works as an Assistant Estate Manager in PPB Oil Berhad, Kiabau. He is engaged to Ms Felicity Undias of Kg Buis Telupid.

B.3.3.3 Victoria Kolong
Victoria Kolong is married to Ambrose Agustine. They have two (2) children,namely;
B. Ian Edgar Ambrose
B. Girl Bollywood

B.3.3.4 Clarissa Kolong
Clarissa Kolong is married to Jailom ak Jona, a Bidayuh from Kuching, Sarawak. They have one (1) child.
B. Fifi

B.3.3.5 Wilfred Kolong

B.3.3.6 Vyner Kolong

B.3.3.7 Rayner Kolong

B.3.4 Valerie Lupinah Dumbong
Valerie Lupinah Dumbong married to Shem Donggot of Kg Koluangan, Tenghilan, Tamparuli. They have six (6) children, namely;
B.3.4.1 Valence Shem
B.3.4.2 Alvina Velorina Shem (D)
B.3.4.3 Melissa Yvonne Shem
B.3.4.4 Valerian Shem
B..3.4.5 Delphia Shem
B..3.4.6 Julian Shem

B.3.5 Lyne Dumbong@Yuzniza Abdullah
Lynn Dumbong @ Yusniza married to Ismail Durasik, a Bajau, form Kota Belud. They have settled down in Petagas, Kota Kinabalu. They have three(3) children, namely;
B.3.5.1 Ilham Ismail
B.3.5.2 Ernie Ismail
B.3.5.3 Yusnita Ismail

B.3.6 Julipah Dumbong
Julipah Dumbong is married to Edward James Lojikim from Kg Ganang, Kapayan, Penampang. They have three (3) children, namely;
B.3.6.1 Denver Edward Lojikim
B.3.6.2 Leslie Edward Lojikim
B.3.6.3 Jenna Edward Lojikim

B.3.7 Allan Guim Dumbong
Allan Guim Dumbong is married to Ruspian Imelda Angkaji of Kg Tinambak, Topokoon, Tamparuli. They have three (3) children, namely;
B.3.7.1 Nobleia Teresa Allan Dumbong
B.3.7.1 Daryl Xavier Allan Dumbong
B.3.7.1 Rachel Marie Allan Dumbong
B.3.7.1 Diane Estelle Allan Dumbong

B.4 Linog Sombihil

Linog Sombihil married to Tinggano from Pinsoriliyon. They had three (3) children. Linog was killed by a group of bandits in the kampung. Eventually, the family left and settled in Kg Paka, Tambunan. The descendents are currently untraceable.

B.5 Kentuwoh Sombihil

Kentuwoh Sombihil sttled down in Kg Paka, Tambunan.


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