Thursday, February 09, 2006


Allan G Dumbong
Recently (4/2/06), it appeared in the daily Express that the Kadazandusun Cultural Association (KDCA) and Maestro have sealed an understanding of cooperation to promote and market Sabah's Akademi Fantasia artises and singers. The understanding will also see both organizations undertake joint activities to develop talents from sabah to careers at the national level. representing Maestro Talents and Events management sdn Bhd was its Chief Operating Officer (COO), Freddy Fernandez, while KDCA was represented by Mr. John Paujik, a Central Committee Member. Under the undertanding, KDCA would be promoting the AF artistes through a series of concerts in sabah and possibly from the AF4, which would be starting its next season soon. The Kadazandusun AF artistes who were invited to become life members of KDCA were also appointed as KDCA ambassadors for the performing arts and music.
It is KDCA's hope that more talented young Kadazandusuns would become singers and musicians rising to national and international stature.
Recently, KDCA organized its first concert feautring Linda Nanuwil and other Kadazandusun singers and it would also be assisting to launch Felix Agus' first album, expected to be released in the next few months.
A percentage of proceeds from the concerts to be held in various places like Tamparuli, Kota Belud and keningau would be channeled to the Koisaan Educational Trust Fund, which is to help qualified Kadazandusun students puruse higher studies.
This is a development in the right direction. The Kadazandusun community is produd to have produced a number of talented Kadazandusun singers through the AF's avenue in the name of Linda Nanuwil, Felix Agus and Marsha Milan Londoh. The collaboration is indeed beneficial to both parties, and both would be able to expect win-win deal. To KDCA, it will be able to promote further the new-found talents and use their influences to bring message to the Kadazandusun community that they too could go further and success in their respective fields if they put their hearts and souls on their endeavours. For maestro, their concerts would be assured of spectators, and bring the AF's corporate image and business right to the heart of the Kadazandusuns.
More can be done in this collaboration, particularly during this Kaamatan. To show the goodwill and sincereity on the part of maestro, I suggest that Maestro take part in the forthcoming Kaamatan Celebration 2006. It can send and sponsor Linda, Felix and Marsha to perform in the Kaamatan as a good gesture and a way of thanking the Kadazandusun community for supporting their idols during the academy days. Another thing is, may be maestro could consider using Hongkod Koisaan for its forthcoming AF4 selection.
Indeed Linda, Felix and Marsha are the examples of the Kadazandusun youths. They are the idols and role models. It is indeed our hope that through Maestro, they could learn further the skills to survive in the local music and songs industry. It is also the hope of Kadazandusun community that Maestro does not exploit, rather to nurture, guide and protect them from any harms that normally associated with entertainment artistes.
And a simple message to our Linda, Felix and Marsha, "intang-intangan dikoyu mimpanau om kada lihuai koi hiti kampung".

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