Monday, December 12, 2005


The Kadazandusun Community Needs
Intelligent And Hardworking Youth
By Allan G Dumbong

In view of the onslaught of modern capitalism and globalization, the Kadazandusun community needs to be able to stand tall as with the other communities around the world. The community certainly needs young, intelligent and hardworking people who possess innovation, creativity and knowledge to propel the country to greater heights. Both the State and Federal governments have always encouraged the teaching of science and technology in local universities and colleges in an effort to build a knowledge economy.
The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has been playing an important role to enhance the knowledge of students in this respect through the use of various media. Today’s youth must equip themselves with extra skills such as communication, soft and social skills to secure jobs after graduation. In a nutshell, every individual youth must acquire sufficient IQ, EQ and SQ in order to remain competitive in this rat race society.
Estimated number of Kadazandusun Professionals:
Medical doctors: 50
Lawyers: 200
Accountants: 1000
Architect: 50
ICT Experts: 1,500
Business professionals: 4,000
Academicians/Scholars with Ph.D: 40
MBA Graduates: 1000
Academicians/Scholars/Professionals with Masters degree: 2,500
University graduates with Bachelor degree: 10,000
Percentage local graduates vs Overseas graduates: 80%: 20%
Literacy rate: 65%
English Proficiency among Kadazandusuns: 45% able to communicate well.
Districts with high number of university graduates:
5.Kota Belud
6.Kota Marudu
7. Papar
8. Kuala Penyu
9. Tenom
10. Kudat
11. Kinabatangan/Telupid/Beluran
12. Nabawan/Sook
(To be continued)

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Cecelia Rewlia said...

Dear Allan,

I am so glad that there's someone like you who has done a great job to provide more information about kadazandusun people. Congratulations!